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International contemporary jewelry show about borders: political, geographical, cultural.

Moscow, Winzavod, November 2021.

Performance call


Uncontrolled intersections: contemporary jewelry x performance


9 March Project announces performance-call for the Double Yellow Line contemporary jewelry show which will be held at Winzavod Contemporary Art Centre in November-December 2021.


We accept projects at the junction of two artistic mediums: jewelry and performance. The performative quality is inherent in the ability of jewelry to move with the body through space, becoming a symbolic extension of a wearer. In a frame of our future exhibition, we invite artists to think about jewelry as a process through action, happening, contemporary dance, talk or any other performative format. We are open to alternative formats, no rules!


Both conceptual jewelry and performance art once challenged established conventions in art and design. By creating an intersection between disciplines, we are keen to shift the boundaries of contemporary jewelry even further towards unexpected forms and potentially more experimental and dynamic ways of interacting with the body, the viewer and space.


Applications are accepted until October 31, 2021


We accept live performances or online performances happening in real-time (that will be shown during exhibition working hours as a special event, specific date will be agreed upon with the artist). You also can apply with a video documentation of an already existing performance, but keep in mind that these videos will be shown as a part of our public program on a specific date, and won’t be a part of the exhibition permanently. 


We decided to leave the application fee up to you, setting a minimum bar of 10 euros.


How to apply?

  1. Describe the concept of your performance (no more than 300 words). If your project had been shown before, attach a link to the video or photo documentation. If your project is still in the “idea” stage, then describe the idea and give us a link to your portfolio / instagram, so we’d know what your usual practice looks like. You can add any visual materials - photos or sketches - to help us visualize your idea.

  2. Pay the application fee*. You can choose a comfortable price for you on a scale from 10 to 30 euros. We collect the application fees in order to cover at least in part our own expenses on renting the space for the exhibition, printed materials etc. You can pay via PayPal connected to the email account Send us the screenshot of the receipt together with the application.
    *Note that in case your entry isn’t selected, your application fee is still non-returnable.

  3. Send the description of the concept, visual materials and screenshot of the application fee payment to our email: . Put “Performance call” in the subject of the email. Don’t forget to mention your first name, last name, preferred performance format (live/online/video) and its duration in the mail as well.

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