International contemporary jewelry show about borders: political, geographical, cultural.

Moscow, Winzavod, November 2021.

Dotted lines of a blank map, parallels and meridians, language barriers, concrete fences, barbed wire and hedgerows: our entire world is divided by multitude of lines, both real and imaginary. Coastline separates ocean from land, borderline separates one country from the other, and the poverty line separates people from each other.

Our first exhibition was dedicated to feminism – a movement that unites women of different countries, ages, races and backgrounds. For our second exhibition we chose the subject of “borders” to talk about division and disconnection, about opposing teams and uncompromising decisions – but also about self-preservation and protecting your identity from the permanent pressure of the outside world.

Today, jewelry can be a symbol of belonging – to a particular class, religion, movement. But it can also serve as a sign of otherness, thus repeating the function of borders on a microlevel.

We think it’s important to talk about borders – political, geographical, cultural – using the language of contemporary jewelry, because we are certain that contemporary jewelry is a universal language of expression that can create meanings everyone can try on – both literally and metaphorically.